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Health inequities are avoidable inequalities in health between groups of people within countries and between countries T

Background Social determinants have a significant impact on children’s development and their abilities and capacities.

especially in early childhood They can bring about inequity in living conditions of children and
as a result

lead to differences in various dimensions of development including the social.


cognitive and emotional

Introduction Social determinants of health SDOH

defined by the WHO as ‘the conditions in which people are born.




and age

and the wider set of forces and systems shaping the conditions of daily life’
have garnered increased attention in recent years as evidence linking SDOH to health outcomes grows there is


Social Determinants of Health Database These files contain of AHRQ’s database on Social Determinants of Health SDOH

which was created under a project funded by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research PCOR Trust Fund The database is cur


healthcare leaders are increasingly aware of the data and research which indicates that the social determinants of health have a higher impact on population health than healthcare and that a higher ratio of social service spending versus healthcare spending results in improved population health. In fact.

according to a study

Habits such as alcohol use
injecting drugs with needles.

having unprotected sex
and smoking cigarettes put your health at risk Social environment This includes your gender

your income
and whether or not you face discrimination Physical environment Where you live and how crowded it is has an i

Social determinants of health. Determinants of Health Prepared By Dr. Anees AlSaadi CMT P R4 Direct Impact on Health Interact With Each other to Produce Health Determinants of Health Structure Behaviours. Predict Greatest Proportion of Health Status Variance..

Commercial determinants of health are the private sector activities that affect people’s health
directly or indirectly.

positively or negatively The private sector influences the social

physical and cultural environments through business actions and societal engagements for example

supply chains.

labour conditions. product design and

Background Medication adherence MA is critical to successful chronic disease management It is not clear how social dete

A broad range of non biological factorsknown as the social determinants of health SDH shape the health of individu
SDH are often overlooked by decision makers.

who predominantly focus on healthcare delivery as the primary determinant of health Lack of actionable and timely data on SDH may impede .

Owusu Addo E.

Renzaho AMN

Smith BJ. The impact of cash transfers on social determinants of health and health inequalities in sub Saharan Africa a systematic review. Health Policy Plan. 2018 33 675 696. pmid 29762708. View Article PubMed NCBI Google

There is growing interest in the role of health care systems in influencing the social determinants of health 1

determinants include income


housing and other social factors.

which interact to shape the conditions in which people live. 3.


factors play a major role in shaping health and health

Strazdins et al..

21 identifies “time” as a social determinant of health.

as healthy behavior.

accessing health services

and caring all require time. Also.

the amount of time one can use for health related activites is socially patterned and could therefore be a source of health inequalities..

Multiple factors impacted refill request rates.

including a strong association between social determinants of health and refill rates The findings suggest that higher
race ethnicity


and social determinants of health.

and that English speakers


The social determinants of health.

also referred to as SDOH.

are the conditions in which people are born.



work and age
and have gained recognition for the broad impact these conditions have on health.

health equity and overall well being.Factors include food security.

socioeconomic status income

educational .

We believe the best explanation has to do with entrenched inequalities i most clearly perhaps.

unequal access to quality healthcare itself given

for example.

limited or non existent health insurance greater distance to hospitals and fewer physicians serving the community
ii but also.

and perhaps even more significantly.

disparities with respect

Social determinants of health SDoH are the economic.



and psychosocial factors that influence health Many have clear and significant impacts on cardiovascular health and di

cardiometabolic diseases caused more than an

Importance While the association between Social Determinants of Health SDOH and health outcomes is well known

few studies have explored the impact of SDOH on hospitalization Objective Examine the independent association and cumu

Studying the social determinants of health SDOH
and how they impact disadvantaged populations during times of crisis.

will help governments to better manage health emergencies so that every individual has equal opportunity to staying hea

The social determinants of health SDOH describe the conditions in the place where you were born





and age They’re made up of a large range of things that

Contents Advancing Health Equity A Guide to Language

Narrative and Concepts PDF refers to social determinants of health or SDOH as the underlying community wide social
economic and physical conditions in which people are born



work and age Social determinants of health are not experienced equally by

There Social Determinants of Health Here s What That Means.

and How They Influence Your Care Your workplace
your social life.

and the neighborhood you live in all have a powerful effect

It is plausible that one of the underlying mechanisms by which adverse social determinants impact health care use and health is through medication adherence. When people are struggling with housing instability.

food insecurity.

and or unemployment

they likely do not have the necessary emotional and material resources to devote adequate .

Social Determinants of Health Addressing social determinants of health is important for improving health and reducing


With the indiscriminate spread of COVID
many populations are experiencing negative consequences such as job loss
food insecurity

and inability to manage existing medical conditions and maintain preventive measures such as social distancing and personal preventative equipment. Some of the most disadvantaged in the .

Background The HOSPITAL Risk Score HRS day hospital readmissions and is internationally validated Social determinants

The impact of social determinants of health SDOH on the overall well being of individuals and population health has been



4 The World Health Organization describes SDOH as multiple factors impacting the health of individuals
including “structural determinants and conditions of daily living

” unequally around the

INTRODUCTION Social determinants of health SDoH are “conditions in which people are born




and age.

” they involve “the complex.


and overlapping social structures and economic systems that are responsible for most health inequalities ” 2
organizes SDoH key

This study assessed the impact of individual social risk factor variables and social determinants of health SDOH measure

The term “ social determinants ” often evokes factors such as health related features of neighborhoods e g.. walkability. recreational areas

and accessibility of healthful foods

which can influence health related behaviors..

Social determinants of health fundamentally seek to describe and explain the social patterning and social causation of i

treating social risk factors as exposures similar to other hazards Social risk factors can include person level .

INTRODUCTION Social determinants of health SDoH are “conditions in which people are born

work and age

” they involve “the complex


and overlapping social structures and economic systems that are responsible for most health inequalities.” 2.

organizes SDoH key .

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